Capture expenses, manage incurred cost bases and pools, and formulate indirect rates for DCAA and government contracting compliance. For companies of all sizes, ICEManager is an extended application for SAP Business ByDesign and Business One to support the unique requirements of US federal contractors. ICEManager creates reporting schedules in the ICE format required by DCAA for annual auditing purposes and reduces the overhead burden of an already overworked accounting department. Interaction is simplified and automated based on profit and loss statements generated in ByDesign and methods dictated by the DCAA recognized Cost Accounting Standards (CAS).


ICEManager is available for SAP Business ByDesing and SAP Business One platforms.  


During implementation of the solution, Softek's support staff works hand in hand with each customer in a number of ways to maximize compliance with DCAA requirements. For new customers, the following is included with the ICE Manager and SAP implementation:

  • Implementation methodology is based on over 30 years of SAP's best business practices.
  • A specialized consultation to guide the account structure and setup within the SAP system, in order to comply with DCAA requirements. Based on our knowledge of federal requirements, Softek provides a unique perspective on ByDesign's account determination hierarchy and account groupings.
  • Assistance in determining indirect rate cost pools and associated bases of application.
  • Review Chart of Accounts and suggest improvements based on best practices.
  • Setup of a custom profit and loss report within SAP Business ByDesign, to further the capture of cost allocations within compliance format.
  • Assistance with a dry run audit using the DCAA's audit manual and various checklists. This will give your staff an opportunity to understand certain practices performed by the DCAA, and will allow them to be educated by industry professionals who have undergone audits themselves.


          Save time and effort by automating your DCAA reporting process and give yourself the tools to achieve DCAA compliance. Download ICEManager - DCAA Starter Pack brochure.



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