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We are partnering with industry leaders to provide our customers with best value and highest return on their investment.


SAP PartnerCloud ERP for SME: SAP is a pioneer in providing enterprise resource planning software to businesses of all sizes globally. Softek's focus is to work on SAP's on-demand solutions - SAP Business ByDesign, Cloud for Travel and Expense, Cloud for Customer, Cloud for Finance. SAP Business ByDesign is a fully integrated business management software solution designed for SME market space who want the benefits of large-scale business applications without the need for a large IT infrastructure.  The software enables pre-configured process best practices for managing financials, customer relationships, human resources, projects, procurement, and the supply chain. SAP takes care of installation, maintenance, and upgrades – so you can focus on your business, not on IT.

Softek has partnered with SAP, on cloud solutions, at three different levels: re-seller, implementation & support and solution development.

Visit: SAP Business ByDesign page

Link to SAP Business ByDesign SAP product page.


ERP for Small Business: SAP's ~80% of customers are Small and Midsize businesses, and that number is growing everyday with the help of partners like Softek Global Services. SGS has partnered with SAP to provide ERP for small businesses via SAP Business One. SAP Business One is an end to end business management solution. SAP business one is great for small companies who want to adopt best practices when either implementing ERP for the first time or in a growth phase and looking for an ERP that can sustain their growth. It is avialable as an on-premise. hosted, on-demand, and powered by SAP's in-memory computing platform (SAP HANA) – the choice is yours.

Softek has partnered with SAP, for SAP Business One, at different levels: re-seller, implementation and support, and B1 for cloud 

Link to SAP Business One SAP product page.


SAP Cloud Solutions: SGS has partnered with SAP to provide their Cloud Solutions which is suitable for companies of anysize. Softek Global Services is a re-seller, implementation and support partner for SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense, SAP Cloud for Customer (including Cloud for Sales, Services and Social), and SAP Cloud for Finance.


Cloud for Travel and Expense: SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense is a unique solution that will allow you to manage your business travel, from planning to expense reimbursements. It is smart solution that lets you travel smarter, spend better, get reimbursed faster – all while staying in compliance with corporate policies and delivering on your business goals.





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